A Plug for Doomed Engineers

In the early 90s I began collecting stories of engineers who came to bad ends.  That’s literally bad ends, as in executions and suicide, not just failed projects.    My own career was at a difficult phase at that time, and I found it cheering.  I posted them at an ISP called The World, which was based in Brookline MA, and one of the first anywhere.  Unfortunately, they were ultimately overwhelmed by spam and left behind by other providers, and I had to leave.    The site did stay up for over 20 years, which is an eternity in Internet time.

I’ve now re-formatted and updated the posts here – Doomed Engineers – Careers Even Worse Than Yours .   If you’re suffering from excess contentment and happiness, click over and have a look.   If you know of similar stories, email me!  I’m always interested in hearing more cautionary tales.

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