The Library of Babel in Borges’ famous story contained every possible book, so all knowledge was in there somewhere.   We too search for it in the sea of randomness of the Web.  Perhaps we’ll be the ones who find the Catalog or the Crimson Hexagon. Or perhaps our efforts are in vain, that all that’s worth writing is already present somewhere in the Library if only we knew the right search string.  An oppressive thought, but we press on regardless. 

As for me, I can be described from innermost to outermost relationship as a husband, a father of two, an engineer specializing in processor design, and a citizen of Massachusetts and the USA.    I am a liberal who doesn’t like NPR and lattes.   My tastes run to Andy Goldsworthy for art, Vienna Teng for music, Ken MacLeod for SF, and J. C. Chandor for movies. 

So here’s hoping that you find something novel in these numerate pieces!

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